·     The Cazenovia Youth Soccer Association, Inc. organizes and sponsors youth soccer programs in Cazenovia, NY  13035.

·     The goals of the Cazenovia Youth Soccer Association, Inc. are to encourage and promote the sport of soccer, and to promote friendship, sociability, sportsmanship, and physical recreation among participants.

·     The Cazenovia Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) is officially affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) as part of the Eastern NY Youth Soccer Association. By virtue of our geographic location, CYSA actually works most closely with the Western NY Youth Soccer Association.

Spring Kindergarten Kick-about Program

·     Children (and the parents who support and promote them) participate in sports to have fun!  Having fun for all involved is the main objective of the Kindergarten Kick-about program.  When children participate in sports they learn new skills, encounter new challenges, and interact with new and existing friends in a sport environment.

·     This program is open to students who are currently enrolled in Kindergarten and children who will be eligible to enter Kindergarten in the 2013/2014 school year if parents think their pre-K children are ready.

·     The objectives of the CYSA Kindergarten Kick-about soccer program are to teach your children soccer skills and to allow them to face new challenges, while having fun at the same time.


Fall Soccer Program


·     Our main recreation soccer program for children beyond the kindergarten level is now in the Fall – different from 2006 and earlier.  We hope this will provide improved access to our program for children and families who have had conflicts with other sports programs in the Spring.

·     We will post more info on this program in mid-summer.

Indoor & Travel Soccer

·     CYSA encourages participation in indoor leagues throughout the year and will provide support for those teams who request it and whose players are all currently registered members of CYSA.  The support provided includes registration with the Eastern NY Youth Soccer Association and the associated insurance coverage as well as support in submitting rosters to the indoor facilities.

·     There are also financial scholarships available for those who would not otherwise be able to participate.  CYSA does not organize or sponsor any indoor teams directly.

·     If you are interested in coaching or organizing an indoor team and would like CYSA’s support, please submit your roster to CYSA PO Box 562 Cazenovia NY 13035 at least 10 days prior to the start of the indoor season.  It is required that all indoor rosters be submitted and certified by the ENYYSA (a process that takes at least 1 week) prior to the first indoor practice or game to be covered by the club’s insurance.

Summer Caz Youth Soccer Camp

·     This summer soccer camp program is sponsored by the Cazenovia High School Soccer Program and the Cazenovia Youth Soccer Association.

·     This program is available to local soccer youth who will be entering grades K-4 in the Fall.

·     A great opportunity for the younger soccer players in our community to further develop their soccer skills under the watchful guidance of the Cazenovia High School Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coaches and assisted by the Varsity and JV soccer players.  All of the training staff are volunteering their time for this worthwhile fundraising activity.

·     Further information to follow.

Soccer Academy

·     Our annual summer Soccer Academy program has received rave reviews.

·     This program is available to local soccer youth who will be entering grades 5-12 in the Fall.

·     A great opportunity for soccer youth to further hone their soccer skills under the watchful guidance of top-notch soccer professionals.

·     Typically scheduled for mid-August.  See Schedule for details.

·     For further information, contact Susan Baldwin, Director, 655-8044 (